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Bidet and Washlet Installation

At Rush Plumbing and Rooter there isn’t anything that we haven’t seen and personally worked on before. Bidets and washlets are no exception. Although these are not in every American home, the bidet is a very popular alternative cleansing item used throughout Europe. Their popularity in the has increased and Rush Plumbing and Rooter has been in step with the demand with every stride.

Our technicians experience is vast and includes all manner of installation. From custom and unique features, to the installation of the latest in restroom amenities, the technicians at Rush Plumbing and Rooter are ready and most importantly, have the knowledge to get the job done without complication.

Bidet and Washlet Installation


Since most of the homes were designed without consideration for the future of the bidet in America, there are some instances that may require a remodel to allow for proper placement of the fixture. Our design team is well prepared for the task. With the latest in design technology close at hand, our design team at Rush Plumbing and Rooter can take a drab space and make it the dream restroom that you have always dreamt of, complete with a bidet!

There are also units that can be installed to work in conjuncture with your existing toilets plumbing. They are quite easy to install and can be a nice alternative to a stand-alone model. Several of the ultra-high tech Japanese made toilets that can sell for well over $10,000 USD come complete with a bidet built into the toilet seat, similar to the DIY options available to weekend warriors confident enough in their ability to take on this minor restroom upgrade. Some of those fancy Japanese toilets also have a feature that transforms your toilet into a water show complete with lights and music.

Whatever the reason, installing a bidet in your home whether it be a toilet seat swap or the installation of a stand-alone unit, using a bidet is cleaner and in turn more hygienic than the use of toilet paper. Stand-alone models can even increase the value of your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers as well as Air B&B folks should you choose to put your house on the market or use it as a rental.

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