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Shower Pans in University Village

There are several potential plumbing issues throughout your home. In your restroom specifically, there are many possible sources for risk, each one more frightening a thought to ponder than the last. Your shower pan isn’t any different.

RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER specializes in University Village bathroom renovations and associated work. Our team of experienced plumbers will have you back in the shower singing your greatest hits in no time. If in deed your shower pan is in need of replacement trust none other than the trained and high skilled professionals at RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER. Replacements are quite simple and can take place in as little as a few days, returning you and your family back to normal and ensuring that you remain that way for quite some time.

If you suspect that one of your shower pans is leaking, call on the expertise of our RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER plumbers. One of our mater plumbers will inspect the area in question and put together a plan of attack that best suits your family’s needs, if in fact your shower pan is leaking. Your RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER representative will also inform you of any trouble areas of cause for concern that he spots while inspecting your shower pan.

If your shower pan is not leaking, we will work with you to find the source of any discoloration due to water stain, pooled water, or any other clues to a plumbing issue.

Shower Pans in University Village

Shower Pan Leaks in University Village

The presence of water is one of the biggest indications that there is a leak somewhere, yet pooled water outside your shower doesn’t always mean that your shower pan has failed.

The appearance of cracks is the first large attention grabbing sign that requires consideration. Movement of the pan due to poor construction standards is also an issue that requires immediate remedy. Without the pan in the proper location, water can get behind the pan and wreak havoc on the structural elements of your homes construction.

The baseboards and walls around your shower may also hold clues, check for discoloration that is consistent with water stains and damage. The discoloration may be from a leak in the shower pan or a leak elsewhere in the system. Either way, the source needs to be located and remedied.

A faulty or poorly installed shower pan could be a devastating to your homes foundation and other structural elements. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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