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Water Damage Clean Up in Claremont

Cleaning up after a flood or burst pipe is crucial for the wellbeing of your Claremont home and family’s health. If not completed properly, damp and moist carpeting and other organic materials provide mold the ideal habitat. It is imperative that your home receive the professional touch, even if this is a project that you aim to take on yourself.

Professional Water Damage Clean Up in Claremont, California

Once the source of the leak has been located and sufficiently repaired or the flood waters subside, it is time to get busy with the cleanup effort. Lace up those work boots and get ready to work, because there is a lot of it to do and not a lot of time with which to accomplish the job before your home becomes a potential mold hazard and your home building materials become compromised.

Start off by making sure that any electrical outlets or switches in the vicinity of the damage are shut off at your homes electrical panel. Afterward, devices and appliances can be unplugged and removed from the area.

Next, remove all the furnishings from the room or area, if the carpet and padding are saturated with water they too will need to be removed as well. Some of the items removed from your home may not be salvageable depending on the amount of water the furnishings and other items absorbed. Particle wood for example will expand after absorbing water and will never return to its previous form.

Any remaining water on the sub floor should be mopped up with towels and a wet- dry vacuum if you’re are in possession of one, know someone that owns one, or can find a place to rent or purchase one. The addition of a wet- dry vacuum to your tools will really make a tough job less difficult. Now, it is time to start ventilating your home. Should weather permit, open doors, windows, run your homes whole house fan if your home has one installed, and bring in additional fans to circulate as much air as possible in and around the area affected by the water damage.

If you are unable to open the windows and doors due to weather in Claremont, you will need to rent, buy, or borrow a dehumidifier and set it up directly in front of the area that took the brunt of the damage. These devices will draw the moisture from the air and dry the affected area quicker than by use of fan alone. You may also choose to use one even if the weather is perfect outside, you can never get rid of moisture in your home quick enough. Be mindful of the dehumidifier’s water reservoir, it traps the water that has been taken out of the air and collects it for disposal. If the reservoir is not emptied as needed the device cannot perform its intended function.

Water Damage Clean Up in Claremont

Water Damage Repair Services in Claremont, California

If you are still experiencing drying issues, it is time to contact a professional. RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER has so many tools at our disposal that just are feasible nor practical for purchase by members of any other profession. We can ensure that your homes structural stability is intact, determine the extent of the damage and what building materials are going to need to be replaced, and mitigate any issue be it mold, mildew, or moisture. Water Damage is a serious threat to your home and family. Let our excellence and dedication to service go to work for your family to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

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