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Kitchen Sink Installation in Claremont

The installation of a new kitchen sink is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make a big impression for a minimal cost. Rush Plumbing & Rooter can complete the installation of your new kitchen sink in as little as a few hours. Though some of you more adventurous homeowners are more than capable of installing a new sink in your kitchen yourself should you have the time to undertake the scope of work.

DIY Kitchen Sink Projects in Claremont

After you have picked out the perfect replacement sink and are confident that the measurements on the new sink are identical to the sink that is being replaced, locate the water line under the sink and cut the water supply to the faucet if the faucet is a part of the item being replaced. It would be advantageous to take pictures of the piping prior to removal of any piping.

Kitchen Sink Installation in Claremont

Place a small bucket or piece of plastic wear underneath the water lines leading away from the valve you just used to cut off the water supply. Loosen the nuts on both water lines and allow trapped water to collect in container. Now empty your container anywhere else than the kitchen sink. Again, this is only if the item that you are replacing effects the faucet. Place emptied container below the “P” trap in your sinks drainage line. These fittings should be hand tight and come apart as such, collect trap water in the plastic container. Remove the drain line and garbage disposal if applicable.

Now that you have the drainage system taken apart you can begin to remove the bowl and or bowl/ counter top piece. Different bowl types can have unique fastening mechanisms, for the most part though most sinks are held in place with a few brackets, some adhesive, or the counter top/ cabinet itself. After all caulking has been cut away the bowl or bowl/ sink combo should pull away easily.

Now all you need to do is remove the faucet and ready it to mount on the new unit should this apply.

DIY Kitchen Sink Projects in Claremont

Installation is going to be as easy as doing everything that you just did in reverse order. Mount the sink, caulk joints, connect the plumbing including the garbage disposal (use Teflon where applicable) and presto new kitchen sink.

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Our master craftsmen are highly qualified and are specialized in the installation of all manner of plumbing fixture as well as an entire kitchen or bathroom remodel. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your kitchen sink installation.

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