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Unclogging Drains Fast, Reliably

One of the most common plumbing issues in existence --- the clogged drain.

Turn on AM Radio and you can’t go a single commercial break about hearing a commercial for this plumber that smells good, or that one that shows up on time, like keeping an appointment time should be praised. They are literally all over the place, each one claiming to clear a clogged pipe better than the next. And they should, this is plumbing 101 after all.

Clogged Drain in California

California Clogged Drain Plumbers

We too have a contractor’s license and passed the appropriate test in order to obtain said license. The Rush Plumbing and Rooter difference is our attentiveness to your situation, your dilemma, your clogged pipe.

Let’s face it, plumbing seems to follow Murphy’s Law, which of course is magnified anytime there is a need for things to go off without a hitch.

  • Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 12--- clogged sink
  • House guests over for a weekend--- clogged showers
  • Hosting a “Chili Cook-Off” … Well you get the idea.

We understand the urgency in needing to get that pipe cleared and the importance in it happening sooner rather than later.

Call one of our skilled technicians to set up an appointment for an estimate or use our emergency services for clogged drains that simply cannot wait for morning.

There are several preventative actions that you can take in order to prevent the clogging of your drains. A screen at your showers drain for instances will keep hair from entering the pipe and slowing the drainage rate or completely stop it from flowing.

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Sewer Drain Clogs in California

Unfortunately clogs that occur at the sewer line are much more difficult for someone that lacks an advanced knowledge of plumbing system. In order to ensure that the problem doesn’t persist, our skilled master plumbers will clean your line after clearing the clog. Another preventative measure that can keep odorous clogs and annoying slow draining fixtures at bay.

Should you be past the point of preventative maintenance, there are several liquid based drain clearing products on the market as well as drill assisted or hand powered drain clearing tools. They are not guaranteed to work as well as the tools in the employee of our mater plumbers, but they might be worth the investment, especially if you notice a slowing in any of your drains.

Need help with a clogged drain? Contact us today!