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Shower Heads in Alameda County

Pretty universal in design, the shower head threads onto the supply line in your shower and diffuse water through the carefully engineered slots and holes to create pressure. If it sounds like an over simplification of the system, it’s not. Remedying poor pressure at your shower head or the clogged nozzles of your shower head is just as simple. The replacement, deep cleaning, and maintenance of your showerheads will ensure their proper function and prolong the life of your shower heads, and it only takes a few minutes of preparation work and a few minutes of actual work.

Deep Cleaning Showerheads in Alameda County

If you have noticed an abundant buildup of a hard whit substance around the shower head nozzles, it may be time to break out the CLR and give that shower head a good cleaning. Calcium and other minerals are usually the culprits in any clogged shower head issue. Products designed to do away with calcium deposits and any staining will quickly dissolve the hardened calcium deposits on the shower heads exterior as well as within the tight quarters of the nozzles themselves. Then reattach your shower head and prepare to be amazed at the “like-new” quality of your freshly cleansed shower head, paying extra attention to the increase in water pressure.

Shower Head Maintenance in Alameda County

There are not many removable parts that comprise the makeup of shower head. However, of the handful of pieces, the gaskets and washers can air on the fragile side. A cracked or broken gasket could be the cause of your leaky shower head and in turn the lack of water pressure.

Shower Heads in Alameda County

Shower Head Replacement Services in Alameda County, CA

Should you prefer to replace the shower head in lieu of cleaning and maintaining your showerhead, installation is literally as easy as unthreading your existing shower head, removing the old Teflon around the exposed supply threads, applying fresh Teflon tape, and threading on your new shower head.

If after cleaning, maintenance, or replacement your pressure issues persist, you may have a larger issue on your hands. One in need of a professional plumber with years of experience and the know how to get the job done right the first time.

A RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER representative will meet with you and inspect your homes plumbing lines to determine the location and the source of your homes low water pressure issues. Upon completion of the inspection your RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER representative will suggest the best course of action and propose an estimate as well as a scope of work.

Unfortunately, time does not favor those that find themselves in this or similar plumbing related issues. Action is needed and it is need quickly to detour any would be water damage and mold growth.

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