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Pipe Location Service in Alameda County, California

Prior to the start of any home improvement project in Alameda County requiring the excavation of dirt, you must call Dig Alert. Dig Alert is going to notify the various companies that might be running underground cable or piping through the area (like electricity and sewage lines) that digging is to be taking place in close proximity to their lines. Dig Alert will then do one of two things, issue those that they are unable to provide service to a waive clearing them of any potential damage to any lines running beneath foot or dispatch a representative to mark where they suspect these various lines exist. It is a good starting point but nowhere near as comprehensive as what you receive when you use RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER to locate exterior plumbing running through your yard and under your home.

In comparison to the traditional and time tested dig and see method, the technologies utilized by our RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER technicians will save you time, money, and spare your yard the scars of miscalculated dig sites. Cutting the time needed to locate pipes and various lines by a substantial amount of time, our pipe location services also provides a detailed pipe map, including the depth of each line.

To schedule a free in home consultation and estimate, contact us today. One of our highly attentive team members will be happy to field any questions that you may have about this or any other RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER offered service. While consulting on your pipe location project, our master plumbers will make recommendations based on what he or she discovers on this preliminary visit.

Pipe Location Service in Alameda County, California

Locating Utility and Sewer Line

The location of your homes utility and sewage lines is imperative knowledge for every homeowner. Don’t let a weekend project in your backyard take a crappy turn because someone accidently ruptured the sewage line.

RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER can provide a map your homes utility lines, sans all of the other municipal and privately owned lines. With this information at hand, any work performed at your residence will not need to locate main lines and similar lines feeding your home. Saving you time on future renovations and perhaps even some money.

Before you dig up your yard, allow our technicians the opportunity to provide a comprehensive map of the pipe network running below your lawn. We will make quick work of what was once a back-breaking endeavor and give you the peace of mind to dig at will.

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