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Grab Bar Installation in Alameda County, California

The installation of a grab bar in a bathtub, shower, or near a toilet can provide an individual with mobility issues the freedom to once again use the restroom in peace and solitude. One’s ability to relieve themselves or bathe in the privacy of their own home shouldn’t be compromised, especially when such an inexpensive solution exists.

Grab bars have been and continue to be installed in government buildings built prior to the ADA compliance building codes. All public restrooms need to be ADA compliant, just all sidewalks need to have wheelchair access and so on. For those that live with mobility issues, this is a huge deal. The installation of these assistive devices has given folks with mobility issues bathroom privacy once again in public spaces. Why not bring that same level of comfort and confidence into your home if you have not already done so?

The installation of a grab bar over a bath tub or in the shower for stability on a surface that can at times pose a slip risk can return a little independence to an individual with mobility issues, boosting confidence and self-image

Grab Bar Installation in Alameda County, California

RUSH PLUMBING & ROOTER has installed several grab bars in the restrooms of those with mobility issues. There isn’t much to their installation, but plenty that can wrong if they are installed improperly. Contact us to schedule a free estimate and consultation. One of our high trained professionals will meet with you and explain the installation process. We strive to provide as much information as possible on your project, so please do not hesitate to ask questions at any point.

Should you choose to perform the installation on your own, pay special care to the fastening instructions. Fasteners in the mounting hardware could penetrate your shower or tub allowing water to get behind tile, mortar, and wall board.

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