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Backflow Prevention in Alameda, California

Backflow is a serious issue in Alameda that have serious consequences for those that do not act quickly to remedy the problem. In addition to the health risks, commercial property owners may also be subject to fines if testing is not completed in accordance with the timeline given.

What is Backflow Prevention in Alameda?

Backflow occurs when pressure in the clean water pipeline is altered, allowing contaminated water to enter the clean supply line when negative pressure is introduced in place of the positive pressure. Needless to say this poses several unfavorable contamination possibilities; bacteria thrive in this dirty water and once in your buildings pipes, it becomes a potential health hazard for anyone that is unfortunate enough to come into contact with the water supply.

Backflow Prevention in Alameda, California

Signs of Backflow Problem in Alameda

Pipes that lose a great deal of pressure when other valves in the system are opened could prove to be problematic, the most surefire way to locate and address any issues in your system is to have one of our techs inspect and make repairs as necessary.

Ultimately, the knowledge of a tried and true professional who has logged several hours inspecting water lines and backflow prevention devices is invaluable. This just isn’t something that should be left to chance given the severity of the negative repercussions.

Luckily our plumbers at Rush Plumbing & Rooter, have the experience in correcting backflow, installing preventative devices, and the best customer service in the industry. Our technicians will inspect your systems making sure that valves and any other moving parts in the prevention device are working properly to safeguard your employees, clientele, and family against the disgusting bacteria that thrives in dirty water.

What is Backflow Prevention in Alameda

Regular inspection and preventative maintenance are the best ways to keep your plumbing safeguarded from the woes of backflow in plumbing. Preventative devices do not have an infinite life and need maintenance themselves to work properly. Our team at Rush Plumbing & Rooter, is highly experienced in remedying backflow problems in both residential and commercial settings.

Contact us for an appointment time, one of our highly skilled technicians will go over your options, explain the need for the service or services, and make certain that you are in full understanding of the work to be completed and the function of the repair/ new work.

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